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Beyond the Bias:A Parent's Guide to Healing School Trauma

BEYOND THE BIAS A Black Parent's Guide t

Who Should Read:

Parents, educators, and anyone interested in the intersection of education, mental health, and social justice.


Special Features:

  • Personal Stories: Relatable anecdotes from parents and children.

  • Actionable Steps: Clear, concise guidance for immediate application.

  • Comprehensive Resources: Lists of additional readings, organizations, and tools.

Discover practical guidance in the much needed book, written by an expert advocate to help parents navigate their children through today's educational challenges.


Pre-order now for valuable resources, a live Q&A session, and a chance to win a personalized coaching session to help you implement the book's guidance in your unique situation.


Key Points:

  • Recognize signs of school trauma, interpret hidden signals from your child.

  • Understand various biases: microaggressions, implicit bias, and cultural insensitivity.

  • Advocate effectively for your child, creating an inclusive learning environment.

  • Benefit from expert advice and the experiences of advocates, educators, and parents.



Pre-Order Today! Transform your approach to your child's education.

  • Available in softback format


Release Date: June 20th, 2024

Beyond the Bias:

A Parent's Guide to Healing School Trauma


Order in advance for the discounted price of only $7.99!

About the Author

Shannon is a passionate advocate for education equity, financial capability and social justice.

With a deep understanding of the impact of educational disparities on minoritized communities, she has become a prominent voice in the fight for equitable access to quality education and the safety of Black students in school.

Through advocacy and collaboration with educators, policymakers, and community leaders, she strives to create safe, supportive and equitable learning environments for all of Arizona’s students.


Shannon S. Hayes

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