The Money Confidence Process

Plan with Purpose - Every dollar has a purpose, and the money you receive has no true value until you assign purpose to it. Money actually needs you more than you need it! Developing a spending plan, allows you to purposely plan where your dollars will go. Prepare with Prayer - Our money clearly states "In God We Trust", but do we really trust God with our money? Take the time to pray over your finances and allow your spending plans to be led by your Spirit - not driven by wants or fear - so that you can be wise in your spending. Proceed with Positivity - Once you've planned and prepared, you can now spend knowing that your money is going exactly where it should. Pursue with Persistence - No

You CAN check your credit score for free - but it may not be what you think...

You may already be getting your free credit-monitoring and credit score alerts from such websites as Credit Karma, or Credit Sesame. But what you may not know, is that these scores are not FICO scores. Going into the 21st century, the traditional FICO scoring model of old has been a concern for credit lenders. Economics are changing, the way people make and use their money is changing. Traditional lender qualifying has to reflect these changes too. As a proactive response to an ever-changing economic landscape, the three national credit reporting companies (CRC's), Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, have joined forces to create a more advanced credit scoring solution. The result - the Vantage

Money Mindset: Think Rich - Be Rich

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! The average person, generally, does not like to talk about money. Oh, we think about it a lot, but rarely do we have positive conversations about it. I think about my money daily. When and where it's coming from, where it's going, why it shows up but never seems to be enough. Sound familiar? Those thoughts, historically, tend to make things worse for me financially. Luckily, I know more than enough rich and wealthy minded people, to know that our mindset, when it comes to money, can make or break the proverbial bank. What I also know is that faith without works is dead - meaning that we can work on changing the way we think, but unless we actually apply those thoughts to

Learn Money Where You Earn Money - The Need for Financial Literacy in the Workplace

The WHAT: Personal financial education should be a cornerstone of any workplace wellness program. The Cambridge Human Resource Group states that a lack of financial education for employees is “the most critical unaddressed workplace issue.” The Met Life report 'Financial Education—An Essential Component of Your Wellness Strategy', states that, “The addition of a financial wellness component can offer significant advantages for a company’s bottom line and increase appreciation for the benefits they already offer.” The WHY: The current economy has many people worried about their personal finances. As USA Today recently reported, “Financial stress is having an impact on the workplace, potential

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