5 Simple Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

Poor credit could be costing you thousands of dollars each year in finance charges and high interest rates. If you’ve suffered from a ‘so-so’, poor or even bad credit score for most of your life, make a commitment to yourself to increase your credit score in 2017. Here are five ways to start improving your credit score: 1. Know Your Credit History and Scores. Like many things in life, the first step is to admit you have a problem and face it head-on. Go to and order a free credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus. This takes five minutes and you can receive your credit reports instantly to download and save. Get your credit score for free by signin

Three Overlooked Business Tax Deductions

It's tax season, and by now you should have in hand most of the documentation you need to start preparing your 2016 tax return. But before you file, make sure you don't overlook these 3 common tax deductions. Many small business owners miss out on thousands and thousands of dollars in tax savings every year by missing these deductions that are rightfully theirs to take. What's crazy is that these are standard, tried and true write-offs that can give you a big return, so it's definitely worth the small effort to see if any of these apply to you.

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