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Meet The Team

What can we say? This is definitely a family affair! Our business team consists of our life team. From the personal financial strategies, small business management, and leadership training - we apply the same knowledge and tools that we share with our clients to our own family culture and business - so that we are better able to serve our client base and community. When you work with us, you become our family, and OUR success becomes YOURS too. Welcome home!

Shannon S. Hayes, CFEI

Financial Empowerment Coach


As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Shannon S. Hayes empowers individuals and families through personal financial education. With a purpose-driven approach, her clients come away with the mental shift and tools needed to apply the healthy money habits and strategies they've learned, for a strong foundation of credit awareness and long lasting financial fitness.

Office: 480.359.4118 ext. 701

Direct: 480.559.3883

Brandon J. Hayes

Leadership Development Coach


Creative, approachable and results oriented, Brandon supports his clients in gaining greater self-awareness and enhancing their leadership mindset and skills. His coaching and consulting work focuses leaders to gain positive traction and desired leadership goals.

Office: 480.359.4118 ext. 702

Miranda N. Hayes

Client Support Specialist

Logistically minded, Miranda is our very own stealth, behind the scenes, get things done, go-to girl for the office and our clients.

Office: 480.359.4118 ext. 703

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