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Money Mindset: Think Rich - Be Rich

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! The average person, generally, does not like to talk about money. Oh, we think about it a lot, but rarely do we have positive conversations about it.

I think about my money daily. When and where it's coming from, where it's going, why it shows up but never seems to be enough. Sound familiar? Those thoughts, historically, tend to make things worse for me financially. Luckily, I know more than enough rich and wealthy minded people, to know that our mindset, when it comes to money, can make or break the proverbial bank. What I also know is that faith without works is dead - meaning that we can work on changing the way we think, but unless we actually apply those thoughts to our behaviors, the negative money mindset will leave us with a negative net worth.

So, here are a few money hacks I've learned from some rich folks about improving your finances by improving your money mindset:

  • Invest in Yourself - When you know better, you do better. Whatever it is that you are wanting to improve upon in your life, invest in it! Read the books, go to the seminars, listen to the webinars, get the training, find the mentors. Then once you've acquired the knowledge - apply it to your life.

  • Use Your Credit Wisely - Credit cards are loans - IOU's that you repay with interest. If you're going to use credit, use it on something that will yield you enough ROI, so that you will not only be able to pay it back, but you will have earned some money from it.

  • Make Saving a Priority - This is a tough one for most of us. We're barely getting by, and we're supposed to set aside $100 of the $1000 we just earned? Yes, yes we are. Every dollar that you receive has a purpose, and once you thoughtfully assign purpose to those dollars, saving gets easier.

  • Enjoy the Money You Have - Now, once you've set your savings aside and taken care of your household expenses, you can actually enjoy the money that you have. Even if it's only $10.00 - make the most of it! When you begin to appreciate what you have, then it can increase. Money is simply a tool. One that can be used to multiply all that you already have, both material and immaterial.

There's much, much more that we can do to increase our finances. But I know that life happens daily, so I'm not saying that these ideas are the be all to end all, but this is a start - a mindset foundation, if you will. Making these mental shifts can be the catalyst to increased wealth, but application and consistency are keys to successfully thinking your way to being rich.

There must be the conversion of the heart, the mind and also the purse. ~ Martin Luther

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