The Money Confidence Process

Plan with Purpose - Every dollar has a purpose, and the money you receive has no true value until you assign purpose to it. Money actually needs you more than you need it! Developing a spending plan, allows you to purposely plan where your dollars will go.

Prepare with Prayer - Our money clearly states "In God We Trust", but do we really trust God with our money? Take the time to pray over your finances and allow your spending plans to be led by your Spirit - not driven by wants or fear - so that you can be wise in your spending.

Proceed with Positivity - Once you've planned and prepared, you can now spend knowing that your money is going exactly where it should.

Pursue with Persistence - No one is exempt from bad judgement or falling short of a goal, especially in relation to our money. Don't allow past mistakes to deter you from continuing to create a healthier relationship with money.

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