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Finances Require Faith

Philippians 4:19 - And my God will meet all of your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Finances are a must in this world, and they can be uncertain. We know that we can't put our trust in the economy, a job, or even a bank account:

  • Economy - fluctuates, crashes, beyond our immediate control

  • Jobs - companies close, employers fire at will, end for various reasons

  • Banks - unexpected fees, funds can be held/frozen/garnished

These are just a few of the financial resources that can be really useful one day, and can be a detriment to your financial well-being the next.

With this in mind, we tend to worry, which is a detriment to our overall well-being. But scripture reassures that God (Jehovah Jirah) has promised to provide for all of our needs - regardless of the circumstances.

So what exactly does the bible say about worry and provision?

  • Matthew 6:25 - It's unreasonable! Things could be worse, life is more than an accumulation of stuff. Be concerned with what is truly important.

  • Matthew 6:26 - It's unnatural! Humans are the only beings on earth who do not trust God to provide for them.

  • Matthew 6:30 - It's unnecessary! Financial fears come from doubting God and what He has promised to do for you.

Here's what I know, not just what I believe, but what I know from experience - trust placed in God's promises, is FAITH seed, planted in good soil. So if I plant that seed of trust (sowing), and nurture it (praying), then I will in time receive an amazing return on my investment (reaping).

Success and true prosperity (joy) in all areas of life require that we make wise decisions, seek wise counsel, and take wise action. These things give us the confidence to be successful, but all of that first requires faith.

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